Bau Cua (Ham Chơi)

From my Viet family celebrations to yours! While this is a Lunar New Year game, it always seems to come out at large gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas! So many fun memories and learned swear words as a kid!

All sizes are back and ship ASAP!

  • Female Model:  5'2'' & 103 pounds & wears a small
  • Male Model: 5'7'' & 160 pounds and wears a medium
  • Models are wearing different color/design, but shirts have same sizing
$50.00 Bau Cua (Ham Chơi)
Hurry up! Just 2 left in stock
Hurry up! Just 2 left in stock
Hurry up! Just 2 left in stock

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Perfectly oversized to look purposeful. This means a wider front, larger/longer sleeves, and a higher and wider collar. The shirt is constructed with heavy duty 6.5 oz cotton and washed with natural enzymes to give it the worn in feel. Sam and Adam's go to style! These shirts run slightly big.

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These shirts have been pre-washed 20+ times to give the ultimate worn in look and feel.  Expect very little shrinkage in the wash/dryer, though may shrink a little on high heat.   


Awesome quality tee shirt! Excellent customer service all around. Quick shipping and great communication. Will continue supporting you all!

Nhu Lan P.
Verified buyer

Great, heavyweight quality tee that did not shrink or fade in wash. Definitely wide but lived-in feel as they mention in the description. Love the design! Please bring back Women's Small -- I want to get others in my family ones as gifts!

Amy T.
Verified buyer

High quality shirt. These guys are the best.

Joel W.
Verified buyer
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The best materials (leathers, rubbers etc…) in the world go into these sneakers. They will look Forever Fresh for a lifetime.
  • Full Grain Italian Leather

    Our luxury leather is the best in the world. It is extremely soft and doesn’t need to use plastic paints to cover up imperfections. Unlike cheaper leathers it won’t crack, or lose its shape. Our leather will mold to the shape of your feet over time, providing that custom fit and enhanced comfort. The durability of genuine leather means these are built to last.

  • Goodbye Creasing

    While all sneakers will crease, our does the minimal amount possible. We tested 100s of different leathers and backers, and found some that provide extreme comfort without extreme creasing. These keep the FOB (fresh out of the box) look!

  • Natural Rubber Bottom

    Our 100% biodegradable natural rubber is extremely soft while maintaining its shape. It’s like you’re walking on a cloud

  • Waxed Laces

    We know how important it is to look fresh…nobody wants dirty laces. So, we took the extra step of waxing our laces to keep them looking clean for longer. If they ever get dirty, let us know and we’ll send you a new pair.

  • Calf Leather Interior Lining

    The inside of the shoe is covered in supple calf leather for an amazing feel, and lifetime of comfort and good smells. So cheap cloth that absorbs smells!

  • Unapologetically Asian American

    We are Asian. We are Asian American. As good as our shoes look and feel, when we’re inside, we leave our shoes at the door. That’s how we were raised.


Absolutely LOVE my AP87's!

Absolutely LOVE my AP87's! While I wouldn't consider myself a sneakerhead, I freaking love shoes -- especially ones that radiate quality and comfort. The leather on these things doesn't just look good, it FEELS good on your feet! How a shoe can be soft AND comfortable is beyond me, but my favorite shoes hit both those qualities and these do so in spades. The best part? The hidden messages inside the shoes. As a Korean adoptee, I am trying to figure out what Asian America looks like for me; these shoes are so important to that.

Patrick A.
Verified buyer

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Everywhere I go, people ask me where I got my kicks. So proud to say I got them from my community and my friends. They’re my go to conference sneakers. Thank you for giving us the gift of 1587!

Roger L.
Verified buyer
These sneakers are amazing!

These sneakers are amazing! I got bored buying the same low quality AF1s, and now that I'm working and more of an adult (ha), I wanted to elevate my sneakers. The leather and natural rubber bottom feel amazing, like clouds on my feet. The leather is so butter soft, and the rubber sole has so much cushioning. I had no idea how bad the AF1 stuff was until I got my feet into these!!! Also, love the companies mission and celebrating Asian American culture

Ben K.
Verified buyer

Asked Questions

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Why is Italian Full Grain leather and natural rubber important?

Full grain leather will look amazing for a lifetime. It resists creases and warping, and can be easily cleaned with a cloth and water. Natural rubber is incredibly soft and durable, and has a high rebound rate so it keeps its shape over thousands of miles. Commercial sneakers from big brands use cheap and hard leather covered in plastic paint (to hide imperfections), and this causes deep creasing and cracks over time. Their rubber is a thin and hard synthetic that isn’t comfortable and loses its shape in a matter of months.

What makes you an Asian American Brand?

1587 is Asian American owned and operated. We use our brand and platform to shine the spotlight on our Asian American stories, our style, and celebrate Asian American culture, authentically.

Why are the sneakers made in Italy?

Italy has the finest sneakers artisans and is home to the world’s best materials. While it is more expensive to build our sneakers there, the quality is unmatched.  We want the highest quality sneakers that will look fresh for a lifetime with heavy use.

Which factories produce the sneakers?

We use the same materials and factories as many of the major fashion houses that begin with L, G, and Y. 

What is the Zero Risk policy?

If you have a size issue or any other thing arises, we have a no questions asked policy for 30 days. 




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