Adam King grew up surrounded by some of the most formidable Asian Americans out there, but he was always infuriated by how mainstream culture constantly pushed derogatory stereotypes that didn’t reflect reality. This lack of proper representation has resulted in our community always being the first to be attacked, even to this day.

This is complete bullshit.

1587 was founded upon the idea that we, as Asian Americans, should loudly and proudly be ourselves, no matter what society says (or doesn’t say). Alongside Jerry Won, who is the brand’s thought leader and is the authoritative voice on the Asian American experience, the team also includes Sam Hyun, who we can only describe as our very own Allen Iverson and someone who we definitely would have aspired to be if we were still  kids. 

Asian American culture is amazing, and at 1587 we will own our heritage authentically.  We are ready to shine the spotlight on our stories, our style, and to celebrate Asian American culture boldly and beautifully. Just like we’ve done for years – just not hidden anymore.